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The 100 Season 3 Trailer Recap

The Season 3 Trailer Recap is up! You can read it here. Advertisements

Bellarke Special Recap: Love Is Not Weakness

It’s not a secret that Bellarke (Bellamy & Clarke) have passionate shippers. In season 1 these two established a pretty solid relationship as the leaders of The 100 but this season we’ve also… Continue reading

The 100: “Fog Of War” Photo Recap

Hey guys! This episode of The 100 began two days after the previous one’s tragedy. Our leaders/babies were discussing their plans to save the rest of the 47 from Mount Weather with the… Continue reading

The 100 Season Finale: “We are the Grounders Part 2” Photo Recap

Warning for spoilers! The 100 season finale was a roller coaster of emotions. I was worried, touched, scared for my favorite characters (everyone in the show basically) and I actually expected/prepared myself for… Continue reading

Why The 100 is Promising

My recaps/essays on The 100 are on the way and my love for this show will be told in great depth, that I can tell you. But for now I just want to… Continue reading