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Outlander, The Watch Photo Recap

Hello Outlander lovers, We’re back with another “Thoughts During” recap ( a late one, but I’m catching up.) So, where were we? Yes. Jamie’s in trouble. I can hear you say “When isn’t… Continue reading

Outlander, Lallybroch Photo Recap

Lallybroch began with Claire telling Jamie about her flying adventure, which seemed to amuse him like a little kid. Finally home: Jamie’s afraid of having a little Jack Randall running around Lallybroch. He… Continue reading

Outlander, The Devil’s Mark Photo Recap

Hello sweethearts, This too is a “Thoughts During” kind of recap. Enjoy! This witch cell’s not good enough for my babies. The guard didn’t believe Claire’s married to Jamie. “I’m King Arthur.” Okay.… Continue reading

Outlander, “By the Pricking of My Thumbs” Recap

Yep, not a full, long recap this time. Just thoughts and some cuteness. This should save us time. (My recaps take 2 days to complete, not even kidding. So, this is delightfully easier… Continue reading

Outlander, The Reckoning Photo Recap

Yass! We’re back! How excited were you? Last time we saw him, Jamie was sitting in the window with a gun pointed at Douchebag Randall. And finally, here we are after months that… Continue reading

Outlander, Both Sides Now Photo Recap

Warning for spoilers and triggering content. Hey guys! The mid-season finale was here and it was just as horrible and perfect as Outlander has promised to remain so far. The episode started with… Continue reading

Outlander, The Wedding Photo Recap

Spoiler warning! Hey guys! The much anticipated episode was here. It began with Claire and Frank’s wedding day. Frank seemed to decide that they could just marry on the spot rather than have… Continue reading

Outlander, The Garrison Commander Photo Recap

(Warning for spoilers, some gruesome content and dark humour) Hey guys! Are you surprised I chose the darkest episode of the series to begin my recaps? I’m not. And I’ve been meaning to… Continue reading