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Hannibal Episode 1 Apéritif recap

Hannibal Episode 1 Apéritif recap is up! Advertisements

Emotion Recognition: Hannibal

I had some fun with Microsoft’s Emotion Recognition project which helps you “identify emotions communicated by facial expressions in an image.” When I saw how it worked I wanted to try it on… Continue reading

Hannibal, The Wrath of the Lamb Photo Recap

Hello my dear Fannibals, I feel like someone tossed me off a cliff, albeit as lovingly as possible. Warning: this recap will eventually turn into a love letter to this brilliant show because… Continue reading

Hannibal, “And The Woman Clothed With the Sun” Photo Recap

Hello my dear Fannibals. “And The Woman Clothed With the Sun” began with Hannibal totally recognizing Will by his smell. I’m sorry but this is all that I saw. What even are their… Continue reading

Hannibal “Digestivo” Photo Recap

Hello Fannibals, I’ve wanted to recap this show for some time and now that I’ve finally had the chance, I’m happy to start my recaps with what turned out to be one of… Continue reading