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The map of love and the song of loving

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Birthday Notes To Myself (And To You)

Happy Birthday to me and everyone who’s ever had a birthday happen to them! Congratulations! You’re born. You’ve come so far! Whooo! *throws confetti*  I’ll share some “serious” birthday thoughts because I become… Continue reading

Things To Do When You Need Hope

Someone asked me what I do when I need hope and I made a list. If it’s not a temporary feeling, I talk to someone and tell them what I’m worrying about and… Continue reading

What love is not

We don’t really love someone if we believe we’re entitled to them in any way. We don’t really love someone if we ignore their feelings and thoughts, if we ignore that they are… Continue reading

Virginia Woolf And Using Love, Death & Other Emotions

An illustration I saw on the anniversary of Virginia Woolf’s death made me feel uneasy. I won’t link to it because I’m not writing this to critize or hurt the artist but to… Continue reading

The Scared is Scared: A Story About How To Handle Fear (Warning for cuteness)

This begins as a cute story and turns into a touching reminder of what we often forget to do as adults. The advice this little boy gives is probably what we always hear… Continue reading