Hannibal, The Wrath of the Lamb Photo Recap

Hello my dear Fannibals,

I feel like someone tossed me off a cliff, albeit as lovingly as possible.

Warning: this recap will eventually turn into a love letter to this brilliant show because what a great episode, everything was simply perfect and the thought of not seeing this show ever again makes me want to weep.

So let’s begin.

The season finale (yes, I’m optimistic about the show’s future) opens with our creepy dragon baby romancing his lady friend, Reba.

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They play a game where he tells her not to run and then she runs but Francis is a persistent dragon so there is no escaping his bad romance.


Reba is so precious, Francis can’t go through with shooting her.

Instead he decides to set the house on fire. What a guy, hard to believe he’s been single all these years.


Sorry, I just have a lot of musical feelings about this episode.

Later, a deeply traumatized Reba talks to our friend Will Graham.


Of course, this turns into some form of group therapy.


Yeah, beat that, Reba.



The thing is there are too many parallels between Reba and Will regarding their monster boyfriends and as Will attempts to comfort her, they have one of my favorite conversations from the book.

Will: The people who study this kind of thing say that he was trying to stop because you helped him. Probably saved some lives.

Reba: I drew a freak.

Will: You didn’t draw a freak. You drew a man, with a freak on his back. There is nothing wrong with you.

Reba: I know there’s nothing wrong with me. In making friends, I try to be wary of people who foster dependency and feed on it. I’ve been with a few. The blind attract them.

Will: Not just the blind.

After his meaningful talk with Reba, Will visits Hannibal who welcomes him to probably the most sacred place in his mind palace.


Of course Hannibal is disappointed because Will didn’t get to kill Francis.

Still, he congratulates him on his success with Chilton.


“What a cunning boy you are.”

Hannibal knows what you’ve been up to, Will.

Then, he tries to persuade Will to stay.


“You can go home again. If there’s any point. Is there any point?”
And then we get the line that killed me, just ripped my soul apart:

“When life becomes maddeningly polite…think about me. Think about me, Will, don’t worry about me.”


How dare you, you bastard?


But Will accepts the challenge. Who can give the other more “feels”? We shall see.

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“You turned yourself in so I would always know where you were. You’d only do that if I rejected you… Goodbye.”

Harsh. This was even more painful because he put his hand on the glass. ON THE GLASS.


Will has a point, Hannibal.


Hannibal’s visibly upset, and he breaks my heart even more when he suddenly calls Will’s name and asks if it was good to see him.

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Will: “Good? No.”


Later Will has a surprise visitor.


He immediately manipulates Francis. (This is why we love you, Will.)


And the next day he smoothly persuades Jack to set up a trap for Francis but not really.

avlcsnap-2015-08-29-18h00m47s071avlcsnap-2015-08-29-18h00m51s250 avlcsnap-2015-08-29-18h00m53s269avlcsnap-2015-08-29-18h01m26s640will

Keep going, bb.


Yeah Will, why?

My inner Chandler Bing is asking if he could BE more obvious but then again Jack is being oblivious on purpose so they’re a great pair, these two.

Later he almost gives Bedelia a heart attack.

“I don’t intend Hannibal to be caught a second time.”


I don’t know, she doesn’t really look all that enthusiastic about seeing Hannibal again.

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“Can’t live with him. Can’t live without him. Is that what this is?”

“I guess this is my Becoming.”

“What you are “becoming” is pathological.” (Someone tweeted he was beCOMING out of the closet and that is also accurate.)

“Extreme acts of cruelty require a high degree of empathy.”

“You’ve just found religion. Nothing more dangerous than that.”

Hannibal is Will’s religion, I want to cry. *”Take me to Church” plays in the distance*

Then she gets really angry.


“I’d pack my bags if I were you, Bedelia. Meat’s back on the menu.”

“You righteous, reckless, twitchy little man.” (harsh)

“Ready or not. Here he comes.”


I wouldn’t insult Hannibal’s boyfriend. Also I have to say I absolutely LOVE dark Will. Dark Will is perfect. Keep up the good work, child. Also keep up the hair.

Whenever it’s all neat and shiny, he’s clearly and deliciously murderous.

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