Bellarke Special Recap: Love Is Not Weakness

It’s not a secret that Bellarke (Bellamy & Clarke) have passionate shippers.

In season 1 these two established a pretty solid relationship as the leaders of The 100 but this season we’ve also been getting more concrete moments that could easily be interpreted as “My ship is sailing, yo” but then something happens and it feels like you’re lying on the floor, face down, crying because WHY DOES IT HAVE TO HURT SO MUCH?

Here is how I see the latest roller coaster of emotions we’ve been subjected to:

The “I can’t lose you too” moment

He’s playing all tough like “I don’t take orders from you, I need a good reason,” and then Clarke says she cares about him too much to risk his life and Bellamy is gone. He is just trying to remember how to breathe.

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Then the “I was being weak” moment. (aka Clarke, no.)

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I’m sorry, because that hurt me. How could Bellamy stand still?

What really moves me here is that Bellamy wanted to go before Clarke made him feel things. And now he’s hurt when she says it’s worth the risk because it means she doesn’t care that much after all, right?

But who can blame Clarke when she’s been through hell and trying so hard to remain strong as a leader and do the right thing for everybody else?

Then again this “Love is weakness” motto can only work so far.

Later Bellamy and Lincoln (probably):


Then finally, we have the moment.

When she almost gave up:

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I present you Bellamy Blake’s face:


In gif form:


Let’s just talk about the amount of EMOTION here. Stay with me, if you can see the screen through your tears.

Bellamy is still hurt but he knows Clarke means this. She believes in him. She didn’t blindly risk his life because it was convenient, Bellamy was the key.

Also notice how Clarke came to life when she heard Bellamy was inside Mount Weather? Her plan was working and her precious baby was alive. Take that, Lexa. Love is not a weakness, at least not in Clarke’s or Bellamy’s case.

So that’s it. If you want to ask me what the point of this collection of feels was, all I can tell you is that Bellarke is not a joke, that’s why The Writers aka The Powers That Be keep torturing them and us.

We’re going down (with this ship).

Though to be fair, I love these characters and most of all, the story itself. So, maybe (or let’s make that a “probably”) this won’t end with them getting married and adopting the blonde kid at Mount Weather. But will that stop me from loving them, together or separately? No. The same goes for almost every The 100 character.

It’s a great show. It’s also painful. But precious all the same.

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